Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Smarty Pants

We look for opportunities for the pups to start on basic skills they will need such as "come" and "sit". These guys have learned to "sit" for a piece of kibble, and are working on remaining sitting before they get petted or have their ears scratched. No question Australian Labradoodle puppies are smart
Great eye contact for 7-week olds!

Seven at once, including Lola's two younger pups!

The pups at only 5- and  6-weeks old. (The younger puppies are going along with it, but are not exactly clued-in as to "and why are we doing this?"!)

Many puppies have a natural desire to retrieve; others you will have to "educate!" By making it "worth-their-while" with a tasty treat or just a pat and a "good dog", most dogs can learn to fetch reliably.   (This is a great skill to teach your dog, as it makes it possible for your dog to get a lot of healthy exercise when you don't have time for a run.)

Below this child is teaching a puppy to fetch a soft toy (click on the video to view it larger on Youtube):

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