Friday, August 26, 2011

Lots of Changes...

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This week has seen a real alteration in Lily's puppies, as their features become much more defined and they develop better coordination with their bodies.  Lola's boys moved in with Lily's earlier in the week and they seem much more animated and happy to be with the larger "pack".  Initially, we moved them back to their room to nurse with Lola, but they kept escaping and running happily back to the other puppies.  Now, Lola tries to separate them from the rest to nurse, but sometimes she good-naturedly just gives them all a little drink...
The entire pack waits expectantly as Lola hops over for a feeding
The puppies have made some field trips" outside to explore, closely supervised by the Moms.

Lily is carefully shielding this puppy from the evil influence of Uncle Cosmo, who is getting ready to bark at the mailman.
Lola's Puppies have amazing silky coats like none I have felt before--they get a lot of lap-action, as it is feels wonderful to run fingers through the satiny fleece.
Both of these litters have great eye-contact, which is an attribute that we aim for in our program.

Lily is not sure about all this rough-housing...
...actually, she just wants to join in the game (and hops over herself.)
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