Sunday, October 4, 2015

Estie's Oktoberfest-ies!

Sweet Estie is celebrating the season with her five beautiful chocolate pups. We are delighted to introduce: "Our dear treasure "Schatzi",  little bear "Bärchen", cutie-pie "Schnuckiputzi", cuddle-bunny "Knuddel", and the sweet little dolly "Zuckerpuppe"!

Estie is taking such good care of her new puppies, but they are very tiny--we have had to sleep in the same room with them and set an alarm to check on them every few hours through the night. (Sometimes new mamas get a little too comfy, and can accidentally roll over and pass out on top of a fragile wee one!)

Estie is somewhat astonished by her handiwork (but very proud nonetheless)

Three little girls and two boys


Estie was a little jealous that all of her pups got to sit on Nate's lap for photos, and when she saw her opportunity, she jumped right up for her turn!

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