Thursday, June 21, 2012

Morning Audience with "The Royals"

Whitney and Toppers' princelings and princesses graciously condescended to a brief photo shoot with the Royal Photographer prior to their morning engagements (sleeping and nursing...!)

Wills, Kate, & "Baby Bump"

Harry and an unidentified female companion

Ambitious Pippa practices the "royal wave"
Have the Pup-parazzi gone yet?

The Affairs of State can be a heavy burden...
A profile of noble distinction!

"Who let those Corgis in?"

Practicing our regal bearing

Lady-in-Waiting "Auntie" Bibi assists whenever possible
"It is so difficult to find good help these days."
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  1. Can't wait to meet them!!!!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!

  2. can't wait to get one!!!! they are the cutest puppies i have seen!